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Clippers & Trimmers


Dealing with tangled cords can be a pain in the neck!
With these 3, 4, 6, or 8-slotted Clipper Racks all of your hair clippers, and various electrical tools, will stay organized and out of your way. Any hair dryer, clipper or straightening iron will fit in this handy accessory, making it a must have for barbers and stylists alike! You can secure the rack onto the lip of a table or hook it in place with a Velcro setup - parts to use either method are included.
SHOWN - 4 Slot (clippers not included)

Item # R-0030 — 3 slots
Item # R-0034 — 4 slots
Item # R-0036 — 6 slots
Item # R-0038 — 8 slots
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